onsdag 15 februari 2012


Så himla fin låt. (spotify: Emily and The Woods – Never Play)

(lyrics to never play by the stairs)
Never play by the stairs, you’re bound to fall down
Never play by the hillside, might slip and break your crown
Never play by the fire, it's danger to your health
Never play by the wall, might fall and break yourself
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah, ah ah

Never play by the river, you might tumble in and drown
Never play by the field, get filthy, dirty and brown
Never play by yourself, it’s a danger to be alone
Never stray too far away, it’s not safe outside of home
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah, ah ah

I didn't asked to be born
I don’t think I’ll ask to die
I didn't ask for the ground beneath my feet 
Didn’t ask for the sky

All that I ask, my darling
All I really ask of you
All that I ask my darling
Is that you stay here with me

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